b. Participation Fee

Participation Fees

For All Participants

150 Euro

Payment-Inclusive Services

  • Symposium handbag, badge, attendance certificate, writing pad, pen
  • Entrance to scientific presentations
  • Serves in presentation breaks
  • Gala dinner
  • Arapgir tour

NOTE: Arapgir tour which will be organized as a part of social programme is free for all participants out of companion.

It should have been paid up to September 20, 2017 to completely fulfil of symposium-inclusive services.


Bank Account Details (For EURO Payments)

  • Bank Name: Ziraat Bankası
  • Bank Code and Branch: 1490-İnönü Üniversitesi
  • Account Name: REYHAN2017KONGRESİ
  • Account Number: 50320127-5004
  • IBAN Number: TR13 0001 0014 9050 3201 2750 04

NOTE: There should be written paper ID-name surname to explanation gap of bank receipts. (Paper ID is written on acceptance letters and accepted papers web page)

NOTE: This bank account only for Euro based payments. Please visit Turkish language tabs called as ‘ b. Katılım Ücretleri’ for TL payments.

  • You should uphold the bank receipt up to symposium day.
  • Registration payments should be paid  with Euro to given bank account number upside as mentioned amounts.
  • Money transfer costs belong to participants. Prices are VAT included.
  • If there is a cancellation request:
    • 50 % of payment will be paid back to participant when noticed with bank receipt up to 31 August 2017.
    • There will not be paid back in the event of withdrawing from symposium participation after 1 September 2017.

NOTE: Money transfer expenditure is taken into consideration when repayments are calculated.